Important Information for Presenters

No broadcasting is planned and all oral and poster presentations will need the presenter to be on site.
However, all the presentations will be available in the forums for viewing and discussions with the authors.

Oral Presentations

  • Bring your presentation on a USB Drive directly to the slide Centre and hand it over to the technician in charge.
  • Please be there at least 3 hours before your presentation.
  • For those presenting in the first session of the morning, you will need to bring your presentations between 15:00 and 18:00 of the day BEFORE. It will be very difficult to prepare the presentations just prior to your lecture.
  • The version in use for presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows.
  • Any file (film, video or image) should be embedded inside the presentation. Bring a copy with you of the original files to have the possibility to check the compatibility of them with the technician.
  • Power Point presentations should be saved as “.ppt”, “.pptx” or “.pps”, “.ppsx” – file and movies might be separate files on the data media (if not embedded).
  • If non-standard fonts are used (not included in the operating system Windows 10), please bring with you the files for their installation together with the presentation and hand them in to the slide center, informing the technician in due time (at least 3 hours before your contribution).
  • Videos included in the presentation should be in the following formats: .avi, .wmv, .mpeg.
  • We suggest the .avi format for your video, compressing it with the following codecs: DivX, Xvid.
  • Projection size is 16:9– resolution 1920×108
  • For slides with different format (e.g. 4:3) two black stripes will be projected on the screen. To avoid this, we suggest to choose on “page layout” – presentation in 16:9 – when you create your presentation.
  • The use of private laptop/computer is not allowed.
  • Information for speakers using Macintosh systems and Keynote-format presentations: You will need to export your presentation in Windows formats (such as those indicated above).

Poster Presentations

  • All the posters will be set-up for the whole week with 2 dedicated time slots for viewing and discussion with authors (Tue, Nov 01 2022, 17:15 – 18:15 and Thu, Nov 03 2022, 14:00 – 15:45).
  • All posters will be presented in the foyer of the Congress Centre. Each poster will be allocated a poster board, measuring 1m width x 2.5 m height. To ensure that your poster fits and to make optimal use of the available space, it must therefore be portrait format, size A0 (841mm width x 1189mm height).
  • Affixing material will be supplied.


All presentations (including oral and poster ones) will need to be provided in pdf format before the meeting opening, but without any prerequisite’s template. Please assemble your forum presentation so that it is sufficiently commentated to be understandable to all readers. You can for example use PowerPoint with comments and export it to pdf. All details are provided at the web site where the forums will take place: